Giannis unsure of ‘Greek Freak’ roots but loves it

As popular as Giannis Antetokounmpo’s “Greek Freak” nickname is, it’s a mystery how it came about. But he appreciates it nonetheless. “It stuck by me, I love it and it’s a cool nickname,” he said. – NBA

Watch Chris Pratt Freak Out After Accidentally Deleting 51,000 Emails

Chris PrattChris Pratt is in need of some serious tech assistance.
On Wednesday, the Guardians of the Galaxy star gave fans a look into his inbox and revealed that he had over 35,000 unread emails…

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“Clean Freak” Julia Louis-Dreyfus Says She’s “Washed Away” Her Fingerprints

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, WTF widgetJulia Louis-Dreyfus isn’t messing around.
On Thursday, the Veep star joined Jimmy Kimmel for an at-home episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she revealed how she’s been holding up…

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12 Things That Freak Men Out About Dating Post-Split

Dating is a nerve-racking experience for anyone — and when you’re a newly divorced guy, you have even more to worry about. (“Will my date think I have a ton of baggage?” “Did I really just get Tinder-matched with my ex’s sister?”)  

The experience is not for the faint of heart. Below, divorced men share the things that freaked them out most about dating after the big D. 

1. Do I seem totally desperate? 

“I worried about seeming desperate and damaged, even though I was a little of both. Thank God for my family and my therapist! And my cat. (I also worried about being a crazy cat dude, but my cat’s awesome.) – Antonio Sacre, author of My Name Is Cool

2. What will my kids think of this person? (Actually, maybe I shouldn’t let my kids meet this person.) 

“I spent a lot of time anxiously wondering whether my daughter and the women in my life would get along — or else plotting to keep them from ever meeting.”  Jeffrey Zeth 

3. I feel like I’m cheating on my wife — err, ex-wife. 

 ”At least when I was a teenager I had an excuse for being nervous. This time, I also felt like I was cheating on my wife. Yes, she was no longer my spouse, but I hadn’t been out with any other woman in a long time.” Elliott Katz, author of Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man

4. Am I really ready?  

“Hands down, the number one thing I was nervous about was whether I was really ready to date. I certainly felt ready: Ready to have sex. Ready to have some sort of a relationship. But what kind of relationship? I simply wasn’t sure if I should even be dating.” — Chris Burcher 

5. How are my kids going to respond to me dating? 

“Look, divorce is traumatic enough for kids. When you start dating, you don’t want them to feel disappointed when daddy ditches them some nights to ‘go meet a friend.’ That’s why I put off dating for at least two years to avoid stressing my kids out.” — Craig Tomashoff

6. What if there’s a name slip-up? 

“I worried about calling my date by my ex-wife’s name. Whoops.” – Antonio Sacre

 7. Will she look anything like her profile picture? 

“You never know. I met women who used 10-year-old photos (‘because my stylist says I don’t look a day over 30…even though I’m 40’) and a woman who had used an intensely airbrushed head-on shot.”  – Darren Marshall

8. Oh, great, now I’m going to have to get in shape. 

“One of the greatest things about getting married is you can stop working hard to constantly impress potential mates. Eat the fettuccine Alfredo. Skip the kickboxing class. I panicked about having to get back on the market again because it meant vanity and I had to get reacquainted. And that meant a lot of hard work that I wasn’t ready to take on.” – Craig Tomashoff

9. What kind of weirdos am I going to meet on Tinder, Plentyof Fish, etc.?

“I was nervous about who I’d meet online. I had my kids every Thursday through Sunday so it didn’t take long to realize it was going to be a challenge to meet people. To be honest, I always thought online dating was for desperate individuals so I didn’t know what to expect.”  – Kevin Cotter, author of 101 Uses for My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

10.  The state of their manscaping. 

“Some single buddies of mine explained to me how much they groomed themselves. Having been married for almost 12 years I had never groomed anything below my neck. By age 36, hair was definitely showing up in places it didn’t belong so I had work to do.” – Kevin Cotter  

11. Is she going to drill me on why I’m divorced? 

“It’s not a conversation to have on the first few few dates but the subject will eventually come up the more serious things get. The truth is always complicated; I was always torn between making sure she understood the whole story and giving her TMI.”    Jeffrey Zeth 

12. Enough about me. What if she has baggage of her own?

“I had one date who turned up in a wedding ring. She had apparently yet to tell her husband the news that they were separated and that she was on…”  – Darren Marshall

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Get Your Fitness Freak On: 5 Registry Picks for the Health Nut Bride and Groom

There’s no point in registering for fancy china if you’re never going to host a shmancy dinner party—and you can't serve a decent protein shake in a dainty teacup. If you and your groom would…

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‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Actress Spills Details About Her Role

Here’s a side of “American Horror Story” you’ve never seen before.

Behind all the crazy scary teasers and trailers for “AHS: Freak Show” are real people — actors who sometimes have to deal with unique challenges.

Due to a condition called sacral agenesis, actress Rose Siggins’ legs were amputated when she was young, but, given the chance, she wouldn’t change a thing. Siggins embraces her role as Legless Suzy on “AHS.”

“American Horror Story: Freak Show” premieres Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 8:00 p.m. ET on FX.
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8 Ways to Sooth Yourself During Wedding Freak Outs

Are you freaking out about your wedding? Here are 8 ways to get calmer, fast!

1. Get pampered. Research shows that massage is a great way to relieve stress. For the best stress relief, try foot reflexology. It is like a heavenly foot rub, but more importantly, says leading reflexologist Laura Norman, author of Feet First, “It targets specific areas of the feet that represent organs, and areas of the body. It helps bring healing and rejuvenation, gives you energy and relaxes you.” Working on the feet has a way of grounding you and bringing you back into your body.

2. Meditate. Studies show meditation is good for you. There are many ways to include meditation in your pre-wedding self- care plans. You might choose to learn a formal meditative practice, such as TM (Transcendental Meditation) or use a popular meditation CD or video. Or just take 10 minutes a day to be quiet and still. The act of taking time out to slow down, reflect, release tension, and center yourself will do wonders to help you cope with stressful parts of wedding planning. “Meditation helps us to take a break from chaos,” says meditation and ritual expert Barbara Biziou. “If a bride makes some form of meditation a regular part of her well-being routine she will find that she wastes less and less energy on worry and reactive behavior and that her capacity for coping with wedding ups and downs increases.”

3. Talk to someone. Whether you have a designated listener, a support group, or a therapist, make sure you have a way to blow off steam, work out stress, communicate about fears, and complain about wedding annoyances in a safe place — without driving friends nutty. Also make sure also you do not get stuck in a state of complaining or whining. Consider connecting with other brides. No one understands better than someone in the same “sorority.” There are many websites, such as The Knot, where brides share their experiences, swap ideas, refer vendors, and commiserate about the downside of wedding planning. Or, unload your wedding woes and worries at Confessions of a Bridezilla.

4. Connect with women folk. Many cultures insist on rituals designed to pamper the bride. In some African cultures, women folk adorn the bride with native jewelry before her wedding. In the Hindu tradition, women gather for Henna decorating of the bride and each other and make sure the bride is rested for her wedding day. In China, there is an ancient custom of combing the bride’s hair, where a friend or relative runs the comb through for good fortune. In Turkey, “the bride often takes a five day break from premarital stress,” according to Timeless Traditions by Lisl Spangleberg. “They pamper themselves and take time relaxing with friends.” Look into your own culture for ways to connect with women folk. Also important: Spend non-wedding time with friends, just to relax and unwind, whether it’s sharing a meal, a drink, or a cup of tea.

5. Soak and shower. Nothing is more healing than a hot bath and nothing is more cleansing than a shower after a long day of doing “wedding stuff.” Water is one of the five sacred elements, and baths and showers cleanse and purify the body. To restore electrolytes to the body, put a cup each of sea salt and Epson salts in you bath and dunk your self completely a few times. In the shower, enjoy a standing meditation and allow the water to wash away your worries and carry them down the drain. There are also aroma therapy bath oils and scented candles that can fill the bathroom with an uplifting or relaxing energy.

6. Breathe. Taking time out to literally catch your breath is something you can do anywhere, any time. “One gateway back into the body is conscious breathing,” says author and sex coach, Dr. Patti Britton. “Consciously follow your breath in and out, for maybe four or five minutes. It helps anchor you back inside your skin.” If you need a boost of energy, or a moment of stress reduction, breathing can bring immediate relief.

7. Journal. Writing down your deepest thoughts, and documenting your feelings during this time of transition is a great way to make it smoother. It’s a chance to release what upsets you onto paper, and is also a way to write down goals and create new ones. Just taking 15 minutes a day to journal can do wonders for adjusting your attitude and enhancing feelings of confidence and hopefulness. “Journaling is a great way to help a bride reduce stress before her wedding,” says Dr. Linda Olson, clinical psychologist and therapist based in New Canaan, CT. “The physical act of writing and the visual act of seeing the written word is therapeutic.”

8. Pray, daydream and make wishes. It is so important to take time every day to make a wish, get lost in a day dream, or say a prayer when you need support. Don’t be shy about taking time to lovingly fantasize about your big day. It will make you feel good to focus on your vision for your wedding and will bring a smile to your face. Remember, when you smile it is impossible to frown or feel stressed.

Planning a wedding can be like having another job. In general, make sure you take time off from wedding planning each week to chill.
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